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Water-stop & Waterproof Materials

Hydrophilic Expansion Water-stop Strip Waterproof Sheet

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This kind of product includes: PZ type & PN type. We can provide products of 150%-600% volume expansivity. Products complies with GB18173.3-2002 Polymer waterproof materials - Part 3: hydrophilic expansion water-stop.

•PN type water swelling Bentonite strip Cross section of water stop respectively including 12 x 12,15 x 15,10 x 20,15 x 20,20 x 30, 20 x 50, 50 x 50 (mm), etc.

•PZ type water swelling Bentonite strip Water swelling expansion water stop is a new type of water stop product. It not only has the common features of general rubber products but also has the ability of meet-water automatic expanding. So it is more reliable than ordinary waterproof materials.


5-6 m in a roll, 30 m packed in a small carton and also can be customized.

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