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PVC Water-stop

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PVC water-stop, being embedded in the concrete joints, acts as a continuous watertight diaphragm to prevent any seepage of liquids in constructions joints which are subject to hydrostatic pressure. It is designed for expansion or contraction joint; meanwhile, it can accommodate lateral and transverse movements which make it capable to suit the moving joints.

As a factory, we can manufacture according to your request.

PVC water-stop specifications

•Colors: blue, black, yellow, gray, etc.

•General length: 150 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm,450 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm etc.

•Thickness: 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, etc.


PVC water-stop features

Water-stops are manufactured from customized anti-aging plastic combined with PVC as a base polymer, then adding plasticizer, stabilizer, through extrusion processing.

High elasticity and tensile strength.

Lower water absorption.

Corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

Unaffected by acids, alkali, metals salts and other chemicals.

Withstand high hydrostatic pressure.

Withstand shocks of heavy turbines, earth quakes, floods, etc.

PVC water-stop applications

•Dams, locks, canals, water reservoirs and aqueducts

•Water and waste water treatment facilities

•Primary and secondary containment structures

•Storage tanks

•Bridge and deck abutments


•Retaining walls


•Parking garages

PVC water-stop different types


With the largest and thickest profile, the dumbbell water-stops is ideal for construction joints and contraction joints where little or no movements are expected. Meanwhile, it can be heat welded.

Dumbell with centre bulb

Dumbell with center bulb water-stops are capable to withstand large scale of movements. Largest and thickest profiles make this water-stop ideal for construction, control and expansion joints, on grade joints at wall/ slab junctions, also suitable for subsidence, contraction expansion joints, including high movement joints. Meanwhile, it also can be heat-welded by standard splicing iron.

Ribbed flat

The ribs effectively enhance the bond strength between water-stop and surrounding concrete. Meanwhile, it also improves water sealing capability of water-stops. And ribbed flat water-stop is ideal for construction joints with little or no movement.

Ribbed with center bulb

The center bulb will absorb the shear movements whether in lateral or transverse direction. Normally, the bigger the center bulbs are, the greater movements the water-stops will accommodate. Meanwhile, the ribs not only make the concrete and water-stop bonding together, but also provide a long fluid-flow path for water-proofing. And this type water-stop is ideal for expansion, construction, control joints and other joints with shear movements.

Ribbed with tear web

U-shaped center bulb of tear web water-stops is the largest feature. It will tear when being subjected to large movements such as joint expansion or differential settlements. Additionally, the ribs effectively increase the contacting surface between water-stop and concrete, therefore the water-stop can hold the surrounding concrete firmly than others without ribs. And this type water-stop is ideal for expansion joints with large movements such as tank ring foundations.

Base seal

Base seal water-stop is easiest to install, as well as can be heated-welded by standard splicing iron. And this type water-stop is ideal for construction, contraction, control and expansion joints flat pavement jobs. For example, they are suitable for runways, large containment slabs, concrete walls, backfilled retaining walls, etc.

Split water-stop

With features similar to dumbbell water-stops, split dumbbell is ideal for construction joints with little or no movements. With features similar to split ribbed water-stops, split ribbed is ideal for expansion moving joints on or below grade.

Cap water-stop

Acting as a fluid tight internal seal, the cap water-stop is long lasting and attractive to be installed on the top of expansion joints. Meanwhile, it efficiently accelerates the project schedules. And this type water-stop is ideal for expansion joints with expansion boards.

PVC water-stop storage & package

•During transport and storage, the packing should not be impacted and damaged.

•It should be placed in ventilated and dry indoors.

•Kept away from direct sunlight.

•Prohibit contacting acid, alkali, oil, organic solvent, etc.

•Insulated from heat resource.

•Sold by roll (25 m or 20 m per roll) or individual for intersections.