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Rubber Balloon & Airbag

Inflatable Rubber Pipe Plug

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The airbag for pipeline plug is manufactured through high-temperature vulcanization process of rubber, fabric and other high-molecular synthetic materials.

It is expanded by inflating. When the inner air pressure gets to the required level, the expanded airbag will fill up the whole pipe section to block the water quickly and completely with the friction between the bag surface and inside pipe wall.

The rubber airbag can be widely used for pipelines, culverts, water delivery, sewage, and silt removal maintenance to block water flow quickly on different pipe diameters, different planes and different positions. It is an ideal tool for underground pipelines for drainage and sewage treatment.


1、Economy & practical: It could be used in cast iron pipeline plug, glass fiber reinforced plastics pipeline plug, PVC, PPR pipeline plug, and double wall spiral pipeline plug and so on.

2、Service for plugging,and leak hunting.

3、Elliptic type. It is easy to stuff the pipeline and it has good plugging effect.

4、Decay resistance.

5、Superstrong expansibility.

6、Light weight and convenient to take, and easy to construct.


Pipe plug with rubber bag is always used in pipe and culvert in order to excreting the sewage and waste water, And also used as the repairing rubber appliance. It can be used to block the stream in various situations because of its various specifications. 


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