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Attentions For Using Pneumatic Inflable Rubber Mandrel

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1. Before using the inflatable mandrel, first shoud check the wire connectors in reinforcing cage shall not bend in the direction of inner diameter, so as to avoid wire to plunge into core mold and lead to gas leakage. Please Note: first pouring the cushion layer at the bottom of the reinforcing cage, and then pull the mandrel to cage by using the rope and make the longitudinal seam face up.
2. When using internal model, It need to be rushed some isolating agent to reduce the resistance. It is allowed to use oil instead of isolating agent, because on the one hand, the oil will erode the rubber, on the other hand, the wire will be polluted. The effect is much better with soap and water dilution as mold release. The ratio of soap and water is about 1:20
3. Open the valve and inflate to the authorised pressurem, then close the valve. Please remember overpressure is absolutely forbidden.
4. It should be inflated alternately for the heteromorphic mandrel to the authorised pressure.
5. Firming the mandrel inside reinforcing cage up and down even each direction to overcome the buoyancy and move around.
6. After pouring the concrete, using a vibrator to vibrate with each side at the same time, so as to prevent the mandrel move around. Please note that the head of vibrator not to touch the mandrel so as to avoid wear out it.
7. After the concrete curdling initially, open the valve and draw out mandrel. (demoulding time should be confimed according to construction), In usually, demoulding is ok when the fingerprint is clear when use finger press it. 


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