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Bridge Expansion Joint Series

Modular Expansion Joint For Bridge

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Modular expansion joint are the most frequently employed types of expansion joints in road bridges. By special steel welding elements arranged side by side and equally controlled they are supported on special load carrying and control systems, intermediate sealing elements with form- and force-fit clamping as well as marked by a continuous anchorage in the structure with permanent connection to seal and coating.

Modular expansion joint are categorized into two basic designs:GQF-MZL Expansion Joint and Low-bedding Expansion Joint.

GQF-MZL type modulus bridge expansion device are the modulus bridge expansion device which are composed by doundary beam, central beam,cross beam and coupled devices, and suitable to bridge with the expansion amount from 80mm to1200mm.


1 .Building height of bridge expansion joint is low and the structure is simple.

2.Performance of flexible stretch and safety.

3.Easy installation for construction and low price.