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Bridge Expansion Joint Series

elastomeric Expansion Joint For Bridge

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Bridge elastomeric expansion joints are structural components designed to provide smooth passage over the gap between adjacent sides of a deck joint, while also permitting relative translation and/or rotation of the two sides of a bridge deck (deck movement joint).

A deck movement joint is generally defined as a structural discontinuity between two elements, at least one of which is a deck element, and is designed to allow relative translations and rotations due to: thermal expansion and contraction of the superstructure, concrete shrinkage or creep, elastic shortening due to pre-stressing, displacement of the structure under load, or any other action the desk is subjected to.

Bridge elastomeric expansion joints are designed to accept both horizontal and vertical loads due to traffic in accordance with the road engineering technical standards.

The inner quality of Rubber Bridge Expansion Joints.


The appearance quality of Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint and sealed belts.


Physical Properties of Rubber Expansion Joints


The table of rubber expansion joints size


And other types Rubber Bridge Expansion Joints. We could produce them as customers’ demand.


■Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint is used in Highway bridge decks, Service ramps, Multi- storey car parks and so on. Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint is used to prevent buildings or bridges appear some cracks because of climate change.

Construction Programs

(1) Set out and cut Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint.

(2)Excavate and clean the Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint area.

(3)Drill holes to locate the anchor bolts.

(4)Place the rebar mat and mold.

(5)Pour bottom concrete layer.

(6)Install comb-shaped steel plate.

(7)Pour side concrete.

(8)Maintenance the Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint

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