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Bridge Expansion Joint Series

Finger Type Expansion Joint For Bridge

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Finger Expansion Joint, Finger Joint, Steel Finger Joint

Finger-shaped expansion joint is a packaged type expansion device and mainly applied to the device with the extension 20-320mm.This type of expansion joint mainly comprises of elastomeric strip fixed on and connects with two sides of joint and the whole of finger shape plate and moving finger shape plate that can fit together with racks.The fixed plate and moving plate connect to bridge deck by anchor parts.And the movement of moving finger shape plate achieves the extension and contraction of this type joints without longitudinal transion clearance.

Properties and Characteristics of Finger Shape Expansion Joint for Bridge

This product has the feature of simple and reasonable structurel design, and comprises of finger shape steel plate, stainless sliding plate, rubber layer and high strength anchor bolts and so on. The finger shape steel plates are fixed on the deck of bridge and bear the impact load directly, and the rubber layer has the function of water stop and dust-proof. Therefore the finger

shape expansion joint has the advantages as below:

1)Low depth of the concrete recess because of lower depth of finger shape plates.

2)Without pre-laid steel bars.

3)Low cost for work.

4)Apply to the reconstruct old bridges and medium and small bridges with lower concrete recess.

Types of Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint

1.Modular Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint

2.SGF series Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint

3.TST bridge elastomeric expansion joint

4.TST seamless Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint

5.Steel finger Rubber Bridge Expansion Joint

6.And other types Rubber Bridge Expansion Joints. We could produce it as customers’ requirement.

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