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Pot Bearing for bridge

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Pot bearing, with elastomeric bearing pad fitted inside of steel plate, is the widest used type for transferring vertical or horizontal loads from superstructure to the pier as well as allowing rotations on any axis. Meanwhile, it’s capable to accommodate horizontal displacements of superstructure taking advantages of the reduced friction coefficient between stainless steel panels and a layer of PTFE.

Performances and Classifications of pot bearings

A: Free sliding pot bearing: Has vertical rotation, longitudinal and horizontal gliding performances and its serial number is SX;

B: One-way sliding pot bearing: Has vertical rotation and one-way sliding performance and its serial number is DX;

C: Fixed pot bearing: Only has vertical rotation performance and its serial number is GD.

Fixed pot bearing

Fixed pot bearing is unmoved in all directions. Under loads, the elastomeric bearing pad behaves likes an incompressible confined fluid which enables the rotations on any axis.


Guided pot bearing

Guided pot bearing with steel guide edge can be only moved in one direction. The stainless steel slide and PTFE slide further reduce the friction coefficient and guided pot bearing is used best when horizontal loads are relatively small (less than 20% of vertical Load).

Free sliding pot bearing

Free sliding pot bearing can be movable in all directions. The added PTFE and stainless steel sliding surface between the piston and the sole plate creates a bearing assembly that allows horizontal movement in any direction.

Physical properties of Pot bearing rubber


Technical Performance of pot bearing

A: Vertical rotation angle of the bridge Pot bearing should not be less than 40';

B: Vertical bearing capacity (KN) 1000-50000 of the Bridge Pot bearing is divided into 28 grades. Horizontal bearing capacity of the non-gliding surface is 10% of the vertical.

C: Friction coefficient of the Bridge Pot bearing: When the pot bearing used in 一25°C〜+60°C, the minimum friction coefficient is 0.03,when -40°C 〜+60°C,the minimum friction coefficient is 0.06.