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The HDR high damping rubber bearing, its structure is the same as ordinary laminated rubber bearings, high damping rubber bearing is improved through rubber formula, so that the rubber material damping is increased, so that the bearing’s damping ratio can reach 15-18%.This series of bearing is suitable for 9 degrees earthquake intensity area of highway and municipal bridge.


HDRB isolation bearings are vertically stiff, capable of supporting vertical gravity loads, while being laterally flexible, capable of allowing large horizontal displacements. In effect, the ground is allowed to move back and forth under a base isolated during an earthquake, while leaving the building to remain "stationary."

By means of its flexibility and energy absorption capability, with HDRB rubber bearings base isolation system partially reflects and partially absorbs some of the earthquake input energy before this energy can be transmitted to the structure. The net effect is a reduction of energy dissipation demand on the structural system, resulting in an increase in its survivability.

The development and tatus of the seismic isolation bearings

In order to reduce the destruction of the bridge structure caused by the earthquake, the scholars all over the world make a lot of research results through the extensive and in-depth research of the shock absorption and isolation for the bridge structure. Research results show that: the seismic isolation device is the easy realization and effective method of seismic isolation ■ The seismic isolation bearings are installed in Japan, the United States, New Zealand and obtains a good effect of seismic isolation. The rubber bearing with simple structure, easy processing and manufacturing, little steel quantity, low cost, convenient installation, which can separate the upper and lower earthquake motion by the shear deformation, become one of the most commonly isolation bearings used. At present, high damping rubber bearing and lead rubber bearing are the main domestic commonly used rubber isolation bearings.

High damping rubber bearing with a good damping performance is a kind of rubber bearing vulcanized by high damping rubber material and steel-plate structural components. High damping rubber bearing has good mechanical properties the same as the laminated rubber isolator, and at the same time has the high damping value which can absorb seismic energy,reduce seismic response in the quake effectively.

Sketch Map of High Damping Rubber Bearing

Since its hysteresis curves relatively smooth, seismic isolation effect can also be expected for in-bilding precision equipments, etc. rather than for building only.